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I'm Ben Ginzberg

Teacher. Gamer. Designer.

My Story

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I'm an educational game designer based in New York City. I taught English for a year in Taiwan as part of a Fulbright Scholarship, and then returned to New York to teach history for 3 years. I am now getting my masters in educational game design from New York University. 


As a teacher, I spent a lot of time trying to help my students engage with the content. What I found was that games could help my students remain motivated. However, it can be very difficult to justify using a game to teach your students. I hope to create games that can be used by teachers to support them and their students in the classroom.

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Ben Ginzberg - Educational Game Designer

After teaching for four years, I found myself at New York University's Games for Learning program. Based in New York City, I hope to use my game design knowledge to help combine education and games to aid newer generations in learning that school and education can be fun. 

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