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My Goals

The Merging of Games and Learning


Gamification provides wonderful opportunities to combine games and learning in a way that motivates students and engages them with school content.

Educational Games

Games can provide opportunities for users to practice and study content that could help them in the job market, in schools, and throughout their lives.

Games For Learning

With the right support, all games can become learning games. Commercial games can help users learn teamwork, strategy and problem solving skills. 

Educational Change Comes From Us

The reason I began my masters in Games for Learning at NYU was my experience as a teacher. Over the span of four years, I taught English in Taiwan to elementary school students, and SAT prep and history to 6th grade, 8th grade, and high school students in Manhattan. I watched as many students struggled with motivation, and decided to do something about it. The more games and play I included in my classes, the more my students began to connect with the content. I believe that our educational system needs more educational games. The world has changed, and our system of education needs to change with it. Games make students excited to learn, and the work of educational game designers can support teachers in their efforts. 

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