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Narrative, As a Designer

This is a brief note about how narrative is interwoven with learning and game design. Click to learn more!

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MindMaze: A Mental Health Game

MindMaze is a 3rd person RPG that explores grief and mental health issues through an educational game format. Click below to explore!


Kitchen Exploration

Explore the design for a new augmented reality application for young cooks just learning their way around a kitchen!

Modern Kitchen

The Printing Press: An Audio Tale

This is a brief audio tale into the invention of the printing press. Click to learn more!

Newspaper Stack

Apple Cinnamon and Childhood

Watch the tale behind the dessert, as you learn to cook it yourself! Click to learn more!

Fruits and Nuts

The Birth of the Gods

Learn about the Ancient Greek Gods in this motion graphic introduction to Greek Mythology!

Image by Nils
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