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The Birth of Gods: Ancient Greek Mythology

Statement of Need

Sometimes, it can be difficult to remember stories from ancient mythology. Learning about the numerous gods and goddesses and their stories can seem like an insurmountable task, especially as a young student. Yet many of these stories and myths contain vital lessons concerning the everyday lives of people living in that time. Greek Gods and myths influenced Europe for centuries, and a background in these stories is required for greater understanding of Europe. A motion graphic of one of these myths can help students explore the intent behind the narrative, and how it effected society.

Concept Description

The Birth of Gods is a motion graphic video that will explore the birth of the 12 major gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. It will begin with the birth of the universe with the creation of Gaia, her marriage to Uranus and then the overthrowing of Uranus by his son Cronos. It will narrate the rise of the 12 gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, and how they tricked and defeated Cronos to become the gods the Greeks worshipped. Finally it will end with an explanation of how Zeus became king, and list each god and goddess and their domains. 


Target Audience and Learning Goals

The target audience of this application is 6th graders in the United States. The common core standards from California will be used as learning goals, but 6th graders across the U.S. can still watch this video., as while exact standards might differ the content remains relevant in most states.

  1. Viewers will be able to explain the significance of Greek mythology to the everyday life of people in          the region and how Greek literature continues to permeate our literature and language today,                    drawing from Greek mythology and epics, such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, and from Aesop’s              Fables.

  2. Viewers will be able to determine a theme or central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through            particular details; provide a summary of the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments.


  1. Introduction to the narrative!

  2. The beginning, Chaos and the birth of Gaia, Eros and Erebus

  3. The children of Uranus; the Titans.

  4. The rule of Cronus. 

  5. The overthrowing of Cronus. 

  6. The rule of Zeus; introducing the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece.

  7. Conclusion and future episodes!


Learning Theories

There are a number of learning theories that apply to the planned motion graphic about Greek Mythology. The two main theories in this planned design are Multimedia learning, and dual coding theory. Multimedia learning is learning that combines visuals and audio to create an effective learning tool. This speaks to the idea that there are two different channels for learning, an audio channel and verbal channel and a visual channel. Multimedia videos such as the one planned in this design provide information through both channels, helping ensure viewers are receiving input from as many channels as possible. This is especially important with the fact that people have limited capacity within their working memory. The Birth of Gods uses the multimedia principles in its design to ensure maximum learning without overloading a viewer's working memory.

This ties in very well with the dual coding theory. Information presented in visual and verbal form enhances recognition in viewers. By dual coding a narrative of Ancient Greek mythology, I have ensured that students are able to maximize the knowledge they learn from the video. This becomes especially important when connected with the learning goals of the video. Remembering and understanding the messages hidden within the myth requires the ability to recall and analyze a number of myths. Dual coding is the best possible way to ensure that students are able to reach their learning goals.


I decided to make this project about Greek Mythology because it's one of the topics that first started my interest in history. Every project in my portfolio has been part of the narrative of who I am today, and this is the perfect project to relate why I love history. The story of creation in Greek mythology led to my time as a history teacher, and sharing it with others with this project felt like a great addition to my portfolio.

This project felt good to complete, as I have designed motion graphics before, and creating a storyboard was something I've had practice in. Furthermore, the content is something I am excited about, and that added to ease in which I was able to put the project together. This project also helped me delve into my knowledge of mythology, and continue to practice my design and storyboard creation skills.

Overall, this project felt like a wonderful way to complete this portfolio. It completed a narrative that I've been trying to tell with every project I've added, and telling a story to finish my own story is a perfect way to come full circle. In the future, I might create a finished motion graphic, as it is definitely something I am passionate about and would love to put into the world.

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